Sunday School Classes

Friendship Sunday School has a new name now to challenge us to grow deeper in our classes. The new name for Sunday School is Bible LIFE Groups. LIFE stands for Learn, Involvement, Fellowship, Evangelize. We have Bible LIFE Groups for people of all ages. Sunday School has been a very important ministry in Friendship's history for most of its 175 years. Laurie Vandergrift is our current Bible LIFE Group Director and is assisted by Jamie Tavenier. There are excellent Christian teachers at Friendship who enjoy studying God's Word. Through prayer, teachers try to deliver God's Word to their students in a way that they might understand God's Grace and Guidance for their lives.

Here are a list of the current Bible LIFE Group Classes, their general ages, and their teacher(s):

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Bible LIFE Group Promotion Day was held on August 21, 2016. On this day, children moved up into another group. The teachers said a few words about their class and gave the students little gifts. They also received promotion certificates. Then they begin a new chapter in their Sunday School life. Pictures were made in August 2016.


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