The Family Life Center

The Family Life Center

The Family Life Center construction was started in 2010 when the foundation and all the concrete floors and concrete back walls were built. Since that time, we have worked hard with various fundraising activities, pledges, and weekly donations to raise enough money for Phase II to be started. The Revised Phase II Plans allowed us to have partial use of the building beginning in Fall 2012 when all youth activities started back. We are continuing to raise more money for total completion of the building. Any and all donations are greatly needed and appreciated. We have borrowed $221,000 to complete Phase II so loan payments must be made each month also.

We are very happy to post that the firewall between the new building and the fellowship building was constructed during the week of July 16. The frame and rafters were added during the week of July 23, 2012. As September 2012 began, you could see that the sheet-rock was placed in the upstairs classrooms but they will not be divided into rooms or used until Phase III is completed. You can also see that the stage have been sheet-rocked. In April 2014, the concrete walls were painted in the gym area. The media room is almost finished. Friendship held a Dedication Service for the Family Life Center on April 27, 2014. Many good things have already happened in the FLC and we look so forward to seeing all that God is going to do in this Life Changing Family Life Center. Keep Praying and Giving as much as you can for the construction of this building and for all the potential that it will bring into the Friendship Community.

Upcoming FLC Fundraisers

Friendship's 4th Annual Car Show will be held on Saturday, August 1, 2015.

The Brick Memorials and Honorariums were laid on April 27, 2014. There is still room to place more bricks so you may order additional bricks in honor of new babies, new marriages, or in memory of lost loved ones. There will be a special ceremony later and a write up and pictures on this Web page for you to learn more about this project that raised over $30,000 for our FLC. See home page for the Brick Order Form and what to do with it.

There are pictures below of the Family Life Dedication on April 27, 2014. There is a congregation picture as well as all choirs on the stage. Wonderful day!

The Media Room in the Family Life Center is completed now (June 2014) and they are getting the projector set up. The new tables and chairs are in place. Therefore, we should be able to use our new Media Room Fall 2014 for our Bible Studies. We are all excited about the completion of this project and how God is going to use it for HIS Glory.

Over the last few months, the church has collected $226,000 in the FLC Funds to complete the building. Many thanks to all who contributed including the anonymous donor who matched the $113,000 to give us our total by December 31, 2014.

FLC Construction July 23 2012 FLC July 26 FLC July 31

FLC Construction August 9 2012 FLC Classroom Sept 12 FLC Stage Sept 12

FLC Dedication Congregation April 27 2014

FLD Dedication Youth April 27 2014

New Media Room April 2014

Inside FLC Construction August 4 2012

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